February 2016 (01-06) at Belmont Abbey

On this icon workshop for beginners the students were able to achieve a good understanding of flesh colours on faces and hands. Green terra verte and red ochre pigments were essential for the composition and distribution on particular areas. We had ten participants who were able to finish the work wiithin six days.



January 2015 at Belmont Abbey

It was our very first icon course and the image we used was the one standing on our Abbey church: Christ Pantocrator of Belmont. It was a very inspiring week.


August 2015 at Belmont Abbey

We had an excellent icon workshop in August at Belmont Abbey. The students (here below) also attended the first course I gave at Belmont Abbey in January. I am really pleased because they did really well, especially using a new technique of painting and gilding. The icon of Archangel Michael we worked on was based on the 14th century icon, Constantinople, which is now exhibited in the Byzantine and Christian Museum in Athens.


July 2015 at Belmont Abbey

Here we worked on flesh tones and the Ucrainian painting technique. All the students were able to finish the icons within a week and with excellent results.